Friday, September 11, 2009

Introducing Gym Review Section

Dear readers,

The Gym Review Section is now up and ready, so visitors can easily add in their gym and locations onto the list. Hopefully this page will bring benefits to many of us (gym goers and gym owners) as it is sometimes hard to find the gym locations especially when we travel interstate.

This is not a promise but the first 100 gyms that are added to this section will receive our very first edition ever of the Malaysia Muscle calendar by end of this year! Details will be posted soon.

Please click here to check the gym at your location now. You might be surprised to find out that the gym is just a walking distance.For your information, this feature is provided for free.

At this moment, only limited information will be displayed for the gym review but if (gym owners) want their gyms to be reviewed and featured in the Malaysia Muscle page, please contact us personally. We will be delighted to promote your gym on this portal.


Gyms that has been added:

Technoflex Gym & Fitness Centre

Technoflex Fitness Centre 043 Technoflex Fitness Centre 044 Technoflex Fitness Centre 052 Technoflex Fitness Centre 055

Hardcore Gym

Hardcore Gym (1)[5] Hardcore Gym (2)[5] Hardcore Gym (14)[5] Hardcore Gym[5]

Revolution Gym

p/s: If you are having difficulties in adding the details, please email me.



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