Thursday, August 13, 2009

Malaysian Bodybuilders' profiles

I have added some bodybuilder profile pictures at my portal page. Please have a look by clicking here. Please give me some time to upload everything and just ignore if you see other pictures unrelated to bodybuilding. I’m still fixing bugs and make correction for the portal. Comments are welcome.

Profiles that I have added so far:

azam_20090813_2088982546 buda_anchah_20090812_1756520418 md_faizal_mat_hassan_20090812_1956372880 nasri_yahya_20090811_1420121540 paijar_20090813_1507037561 suzaili_20090812_1219190330 wan_hazualdi_wan_hussin_20090812_1992211189 sazali_samad_86_20090809_1473462613

And there’s more to come! I am trying to make a collection series of Malaysian bodybuilders and if you are one, please don’t hesitate to contact me to have your profile at this portal.



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