Friday, August 14, 2009

More Malaysian Bodybuilders’ profiles

I’ve added more profiles picture and please have a look. More will be added by end of this week. Will be off to Pattaya later today to catch up some good news! (hopefully).

Here are some of our local talents:

Before Pattaya 2009 073 Before Pattaya 2009 043 Before Pattaya 2009 089 Before Pattaya 2009 063 Mr Malaysia 2009 A350 184 ubaidillah_20090813_1387753259 hendro_20090813_1573097130 mohd_nazri_hamsir_20090813_1337618700 reagan_20090813_1919828017 syed_iqbal_20090813_1736861858

From top left:

Row 1

Sazali Samad, Tun Jahfar, Othman Yahya, Syarul Azman,

Row 2

Jamil Ishak, Ubaidillah, Hendro Lee, Nazri Hamsir,

Row 3

Reagan Kang, Syed Iqbal



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