Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mr Fusion Excel 2009 – Full Results

Here are the full result for Mr Fusion Excel 2009. More photos are available at my gallery. Please click here.

Mr Fusion Excel 2009 - Md Noor Syukri Bin Nasir

syukri (1)

2nd - Azahar B Mahamad

azahar (1)

3rd - Md Jamil Bin Ishak

jamil (12)

4th - Henro Lee

hendro (5)

5th - Syed Faizal Bin Syed Ali

syed faizal (2)

6th - Md Ali Bin Sukardi

ali sukardi (32)

Sub Category

Best Abs
Md Jamil Bin Ishak

Best Poser
Md Jamil Bin Ishak

Most Muscular
Md Noor Syukri Bin Nasir


how were you able to be in pattaya and kl at the same time?


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