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Wong Hong won 1st 100kg at Asian Bodybuilding Bangkok

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9days to 3rd WBPF World Men Bodybuilding Championship 2011.

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Athletes with team manager before SEA Championship in Myanmar

Atheletes with team manager

Friday, September 25, 2009

Othman Yahya on stage

This is my first attempt to post video here. There are some in my collection to be shared here. This is Othman Yahya during his final stage at the 2009 Multiasian Bodybuilding Championship. He won 3rd at this category.

Let me know if you like it or not by leaving comments here.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tun Jahfar Abd Rahim prejudging photos during Multi Asian Championship 2009 held in Pattaya last August

I have uploaded Tun Jahfar's prejudging photos in the gallery section. I only managed to capture his stage appearance during the last day of the event which he entered for the Asian Bodybuilding & Fitness Championship. Unfortunately, Tun did not manage to get into final stage. We'll pray and hope that next year he will improve and get better result.

Here are some shots :

Tun Jahfar (23) Tun Jahfar (2)Tun Jahfar (9) Tun Jahfar (10)

The rest of the photos are available now at the gallery section under the competition segment.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sarawakian athletes

Here are 3 athletes from Sarawak. I’ve uploaded their profile pictures in the gallery section.

Malvern Abdullah

malvern (2)

Simon Kiew Tou

simon (3)

Densi Runya

densi (3)

Sarawak athletes were presented by Persatuan Bina Badan Sarawak. Here’s the contact info if you have any questionaire or enquiry about bodybuilding events in the Sarawak state:


Persatuan Bina Badan Sarawak

Lembaga Pelabuhan Kuching

Bahagian Stor

Jalan Pelabuhan

93450 Kuching



Monday, September 14, 2009

More Sabahan athletes in the profile section

I have added 4 Sabahan athletes in the profiles section. Hajimin Wasli, Abdul Mat Saleh, Jirom Gundalam and Wickson Kihog.

Here are the preview:

Hajimin Wasli - Light welter weight

Abdul Mat Saleh - Fly weight

Jirom Gundalam - Light fly weight (Jirom won first at this category during Mr Malaysia 2009). Checkout more of him here!

Wickson Kihog - Junior below 70kg

I've heard about some active female bodybuilders in Sabah and I hope to get more information on them. Readers, if you're from Sabah and want to share this information please feel free to contact me. Your valuable information is very much appreciated. I will be down in Sabah next month and hopefully I will be able to meet them and perhaps do some coverage besides enjoying some unique cultures of the local natives from the land beneath the wind.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Introducing Gym Review Section

Dear readers,

The Gym Review Section is now up and ready, so visitors can easily add in their gym and locations onto the list. Hopefully this page will bring benefits to many of us (gym goers and gym owners) as it is sometimes hard to find the gym locations especially when we travel interstate.

This is not a promise but the first 100 gyms that are added to this section will receive our very first edition ever of the Malaysia Muscle calendar by end of this year! Details will be posted soon.

Please click here to check the gym at your location now. You might be surprised to find out that the gym is just a walking distance.For your information, this feature is provided for free.

At this moment, only limited information will be displayed for the gym review but if (gym owners) want their gyms to be reviewed and featured in the Malaysia Muscle page, please contact us personally. We will be delighted to promote your gym on this portal.


Gyms that has been added:

Technoflex Gym & Fitness Centre

Technoflex Fitness Centre 043 Technoflex Fitness Centre 044 Technoflex Fitness Centre 052 Technoflex Fitness Centre 055

Hardcore Gym

Hardcore Gym (1)[5] Hardcore Gym (2)[5] Hardcore Gym (14)[5] Hardcore Gym[5]

Revolution Gym

p/s: If you are having difficulties in adding the details, please email me.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Penang Athletes

I have uploaded Penang athletes in the gallery and profile section. These photo collections were taken during Mr Malaysia 2009. Some did win, some did make it to the final and some were not. Anyway, hope to see you guys again for next Mr Malaysia 2010 which will be held in your hometown.

Adrian HorCheah Keng PengLoganathan Chandran (2)Mohd Jeery (3) Mohd Miswan (3)Mohd NasheerMohd Shukor IbrahimOoi Che Peow (3) Penang (15)Tan Choon Keat (2)

From top left:

Adrian Hor, Cheah Keng Peng,

Loganathan, Mohd Jeery,

Mohd Miswan, Mohd Nasheer,

Mohd Shukor, Ooi Che Peow,

Reagan Kang and Tan Choon Keat.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Johor Athletes

I have received many responds from Johorian readers regarding bodybuilding events and base on my blog stats, most of my readers are also from Johor, (besides KL).

I only have 3 Johor athletes’ profiles here and already uploaded them in the athlete section. I will try to update most of this team upon request.

This is Md Hafiziey Alias. He entered under light weight category during Mr Malaysia 2009.


Norizan Bakar – light middle weight

Hafiziey (3)

and the ultimate Mohamad Azam Abdullah – welter weight category

Mr Malaysia 2009 A350 057a

do you have any comment / response to any of those?


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