3rd World Mens Bodybuiding Full Results

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Mr ATM 2011

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Wong Hong won 1st 100kg at Asian Bodybuilding Bangkok

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9days to 3rd WBPF World Men Bodybuilding Championship 2011.

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Athletes with team manager before SEA Championship in Myanmar

Atheletes with team manager

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sazali Samad during final round at Asian Men Bodybuilding 70kg

This is Sazali Samad during his final round and posing video. Sazali was placed 2nd at this 70kg category. Hope he will improve and get gold in the next game at Malacca next month.




Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Buda Anchah during final round at Asian Men Bodybuilding 65kg

Buda won 5th place at this category.


buda002buda003buda006buda007buda008buda009buda011buda012buda013buda014buda015buda016buda017buda018buda019buda020buda021buda022buda023buda024buda025buda026buda027buda028buda029buda030buda031buda032buda033buda034buda035buda036buda037buda038buda039buda040 buda042 buda043


More of Buda and others from this category will be in my FB album soon.


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