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Mr ATM 2011

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Wong Hong won 1st 100kg at Asian Bodybuilding Bangkok

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9days to 3rd WBPF World Men Bodybuilding Championship 2011.

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Athletes with team manager before SEA Championship in Myanmar

Atheletes with team manager

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hendro Lee offseason photos

This is Hendro Lee from Penampang, Sabah. These collection of photos were taken earlier this year during my visit to KK, Sabah. Bodybuilding in Sabah is getting popular where many contest were held even for district or small town area.

Thanks to the organisers and 2 bodybuilding federation in Sabah, Persatuan Bina Badan Amatur Sabah and Persatuan Bina Badan Labuan for always supporting and keeping more athletes to take part in this sport.

Hopefully I will get opportunity to cover Sabah bodybuilding events next time. I have just uploaded Hendro’s photos in the gallery section and some infos on him too.

Hendro Lee (15)

Hendro Lee (2) Hendro Lee (7) Hendro Lee (8) Hendro Lee (9)

More of him, please click here.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More profiles pictures added in the Athlete section

I have added more profiles picture to the athlete section. Hopefully I can also update their details too in near future! Here are some preview of what I have added today:

Mr Malaysia 2009 A350 038 Mr Malaysia 2009 A350 040 Mr Malaysia 2009 A350 045 Mr Malaysia 2009 A350 048Mr Malaysia 2009 A350 060 Mr Malaysia 2009 A350 063 Mr Malaysia 2009 A350 069 Mr Malaysia 2009 A350 067 Mr Malaysia 2009 A350 074 Mr Malaysia 2009 A350 077

From top left:

Gobinath Jeganathan, Hafizulani, Mohd Hamirudin, Ahmad Rizal

2nd row:

Wan Mohd Adib, Mohd Faizal, Hassan Maradin, Rojen Eloi

3rd row:

Shamsuri and Zainal Arif

Most of them are from ATM and Labuan Team.

I am also gathering information of how the gym section will benefit this portal visitors. Just wait for the opening soon!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Unbeatable Sazali Samad!

Antoher photo collection of Sazali Samad uploaded in the gallery section. This was taken at the final stage of 43rd Asian Men’s Bodybuilding Championship last weekend.

Congratulations Sazali!

sazali samad (144)

More of him are available at the gallery section. Click here.

Othman Yahya Prejudging Photos during 43rd Asian Bodybuilding Men Championship

Salam Ramadan to all Muslims wherever you are. I will start uploading and making some housekeeping to the portal site because there won’t be any events for the next 30days. Enough time to consider tonnes of comments and suggestions to make this site more exciting.

Another batch of photos have been uploaded in the gallery. This is the collection of Othman Yahya during the pre-judging for the 43rd Asian Men Bodybuilding Championship last weekend.

Here are some..

othman yahya (2)

othman yahya (13)

othman yahya (26) othman yahya (2) othman yahya (4) othman yahya (6)  othman yahya (15) othman yahya (19) othman yahya (21)  othman yahya (29)

othman yahya (34) othman yahya (36) othman yahya (39)othman yahya (40)

If you want more, click here.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sazali Samad and Syarul Azman photos during prejudging for 70kg at the 43rd Asian Men's Bodybuilding Championship in Pattaya last weekend.

Sazali Samad is still our very best! Sazali did win 1st in this category. We are proud of u!

sazali & syarul (60)

sazali & syarul (2)sazali & syarul (16)sazali & syarul (18)sazali & syarul (22)

sazali & syarul (29)sazali & syarul (31)sazali & syarul (33)sazali & syarul (39)sazali & syarul (40)sazali & syarul (41)sazali & syarul (10)sazali & syarul (11)sazali & syarul (81)sazali & syarul (78)sazali & syarul (79)sazali & syarul (77)

Mohd Syarul Azman Mahen did not make it to the final round but good enough to be in the competition!

sazali & syarul (82)sazali & syarulsazali & syarul (1)sazali & syarul (38)sazali & syarul (12)sazali & syarul (30)sazali & syarul (32)sazali & syarul (35)

And here’s some shots during the prejudging.

sazali & syarul (112)sazali & syarul (101)sazali & syarul (100)sazali & syarul (7) sazali & syarul (8)sazali & syarul (9)sazali & syarul (99)sazali & syarul (107) sazali & syarul (108)sazali & syarul (109)sazali & syarul (110)sazali & syarul (111)

More pictures are available now at my gallery section! Click here!


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