Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weigh-in during Mr Universe 2011

Here’s some photos during weigh in that I took during Mr Universe 2011. Some of them were edited separately so you can see some differences among the pictures. I also put one athlete from Maldives (if I’m not mistaken) because it was requested from one of the reader. Can you notice which one? If you know, can you name his full name and his category? Let me know if you need a clue.

weigh-in (12)

weigh-in (2)weigh-in (3)weigh-in (5)weigh-in (8)weigh-in (10)weigh-in (14)weigh-in (15)weigh-in (17)weigh-in (18)weigh-in (20)weigh-in (22)weigh-in (25)weigh-in (26)weigh-in (27)weigh-in (28)weigh-in (30)Final Mr Universe 2011 021



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