Monday, July 27, 2009

Mr Malaysia 2009 – Champ of the Champs result

This year Mr Malaysia goes to Mohd Azam Abdullah from Johor team. Family, crowd, fans, friends were  screaming and giving cheerful support when Azam was announced the next Mr Malaysia 2009! Congratulations Azam!

Here is Azam, the captured victory moment on stage.

Azam Abdullah (10)

 Azam Abdullah0025Azam Abdullah0026Azam Abdullah0027Azam Abdullah0030Azam Abdullah Azam Abdullah0016 Azam Abdullah0018 Azam Abdullah0019 Azam Abdullah0020 Azam Abdullah0021 Azam Abdullah0022 Azam Abdullah0023 Azam Abdullah0024 Azam Abdullah0028 Azam Abdullah0029         Azam Abdullah0040 Azam Abdullah0042 Azam Abdullah (1)Azam Abdullah0043 Azam Abdullah (7)Azam Abdullah (9) Azam Abdullah0045 Azam Abdullah0046 Azam Abdullah (2) Azam Abdullah (3) Azam Abdullah (4) Azam Abdullah (5) Azam Abdullah0044 Azam Abdullah (6) Azam Abdullah (8)  Azam Abdullah (11)Azam Abdullah0036Azam Abdullah0037Azam Abdullah0038Azam Abdullah0041



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